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02elf Travel GmbH & Co KG

Our Vehicles

You've seen haute couture; this is haute voitures!
Düsseldorf deserves it: the most beautiful busses for the state capital!
We offer you real eye-catchers – the NEOPLAN Starliner, a luxury coach manufactured in Germany by MAN. Equipped with the most modern engine technology (EEV/Euro 5) and all available active and passive safety devices, of course.
Thanks to the dark blue paint and striking but discreet branding, the busses really stand out from the rest of the traffic in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area. When our vehicles drive along the exclusive Königsallee, even pedestrians look away from the windows of the haute couture designer shops to catch a glimpse of our buses.
Give it a try and enjoy the ride in our stylish XXL coaches!

Equipment & Technology of the vehicles of Star-Class


  • 50 passenger seats and 1 tour guide seat in a leather / material combination with a distance of at least 83cm between seats. All backrests are adjustable; the seats situated on the aisle can also be pulled out to the side.
  • Retrofitting of the standard seating to max. six 4-place tables (face-to-face seating) possible. Reduction in the total capacity per table by 2 places. If there are 6 tables, there are thus only 38 passenger seats in total.
  • Powerful air-conditioning system with automatic comfort control with 39 KW cooling capacity
  • Wireless tour guide microphone
  • 220 V sockets available
  • Top-line audio system with CD player
  • Surface sound system
  • DVD player
  • iPod interface
  • Navigation or front camera recording can be switched via LCD monitors
  • "Tropical ship" floor covering
  • Toilet
  • Refrigerator
  • Kitchen (40-cup coffee machine, hot water boiler and sausage boiling tray)
  • One LCD monitor at the front and another one in the centre of the vehicle that can be folded out electrically
  • NEOPLAN INDIVIDUAL décor package (carbon finish & stainless steel rails)
  • Cloakroom on the entrance side
  • Spring-loaded air system and electronically controlled CDS (comfort drive suspension) shock absorbers for the perfect travelling feeling
  • 3-axis system for high loading and maximum comfortable road holding

Outer appearance

  • Dark blue paint (JAGUAR AZURITE BLUE METALLIC) with logo in grey film
  • Aluminium rims
  • Attachment of a trailer or case for sporting equipment possible


  • 6-cylinder diesel engine with 371 KW (505 PS) EURO 5 / EEV with PM catalytic converter


  • Automated 12-gear standard transmission

Safety Equipment

  • ESP (electronic stability program)
  • ABS (anti-blocking system)
  • TCS (traction control system)
  • EBS (electronic breaking system)
  • ZF intarder (permanent breaking system)
  • LGS (lane guard system)
  • ACC (adaptive cruise control)
  • Bend lighting for illumination when going round bends
  • Smoke detector in the luggage compartment, engine compartment, central control panel and auxiliary heating system
  • Monitoring of rear doors by a camera
  • Rear-view camera
  • Acoustic warning system at the rear of the vehicle if there is a reverse gear integrated